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In the current environment with hospital workers performing yeoman work in treating the many COVID-19 patients, a system that offers portability, instantaneous images, ease of use, versatility and detailed x-ray imaging is essential. A digital mobile x-ray system is just the unit that provides these essential qualities. Digital mobile x-ray systems can provide radiographic chest x-rays within seconds that can allow for physicians to determine an accurate diagnosis. Furthermore, digital technology offers a substantial reduction of radiation dosage compared to their analog counterparts.

Digital mobile x-ray systems generally consist of two types: a fully integrated digital mobile system and a retrofit solution where a single wireless detector is added to an analog mobile imaging system to convert the unit to digital. Both types provide highly effective digital solutions.

Analog systems such as the popular GE AMX4 offer a practical and affordable solution for many medical facilities worldwide. These systems are commonly found on many hospital floors and are still considered among the most reliable, economical and popular mobile x-ray systems in use today. 

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