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Whether your medical facility is looking to buy, rent or lease diagnostic imaging equipment, Bluestone Diagnostics is the industry’s best choice for high quality pre-owned medical imaging equipment supported by comprehensive service. From OEC C-Arms, to GE Portable C-arms & C-Arm tables, to the Siemens Arcadis Avantic and the OrthoScan FD Pulse, we’ve got you covered with great c-arm rental & financing programs.

Surgery centers, hospitals, pain management clinics, and medical offices across the U.S. turn to Bluestone Diagnostics for their medical imaging equipment rental, or medical imaging equipment leasing, needs.

Who Does Bluestone Diagnostics Serve?

Bluestone sells, rents and leases pre-owned imaging equipment such as refurbished c-arms, mini c-arms, portable c-arms, ultrasound systems, portable x-ray systems and CR/DR to a variety of medical facilities, including:

  • Surgery Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Pain management centers and clinics
  • Physician clinics and group practices

Bluestone Diagnostics also buys equipment. Contact us whether you want to buy, rent or sell!

Options to Fit Your Facility – Whether you are a hospital, surgery center or pain management clinic looking to acquire diagnostic imaging equipment, Bluestone Diagnostics has a plan that will work for you:

  • BUY: Utilizing our many years of experience, Bluestone can identify the right piece of diagnostic imaging equipment to fit your specific needs and budget & create a diagnostic equipment financing plan for you.
  • RENT: Ask about our flexible rental plans and let us customize one for your facility. Renting is a great option for customers to test out equipment before purchasing. We also provide buyout options. Need diagnostic imaging equipment in a hurry? Bluestone can help arrange a rental in an emergency!
  • LEASE: Bluestone will work with you to develop a financial arrangement for diagnostic imaging equipment leasing that meets your specific needs, whether you wish to own or return the diagnostic imaging equipment after the lease term is over.
  • SELL: The market for many pre-owned diagnostic imaging systems is strong. Contact us if you are interested in selling your system!

Why Work with Bluestone Diagnostics?

  • We’re flexible. With Bluestone, you can buy, rent or lease a diagnostic imaging system, we can structure a plan according to your needs. Often, we can offer you top dollar if you wish to sell or trade-in your equipment to us!
  • We’ve got integrity. We don’t believe in selling you features you don’t need. Let us help you choose the right diagnostic imaging system for your facility and develop a plan that makes sense.
  • We’re experienced. Bluestone has over 12 years of industry experience and over 30 years of sales experience.
  • We’re dedicated. Our hands-on approach continues long after the sale. Need support? Bluestone Diagnostics is here to help you!
  • We’re everywhere. No matter where your facility is located in the U.S., Bluestone Diagnostics can get you the equipment you need — FAST!