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Diagnostic Imaging Equipment & Staff Retention: What’s the Connection

All across the nation, an aging population and increased access to health insurance have resulted in a greater demand for diagnostic testing. This means that radiology techs and other clinicians are also in high demand. With many opportunities available, people have great flexibility in deciding where they want to work – whether that’s in the… Continue Reading »

Budget Breakdown: How to Make Smart Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Choices

Choosing the right diagnostic imaging equipment for your practice or facility can be a complicated process. That’s why we were so thrilled to see Diagnostic Imaging do an in-depth article on what to consider when purchasing new radiology equipment. After covering the common trigger points that lead a practice to look for additional diagnostic imaging… Continue Reading »

Many Dementia Patients Need Pain Management. Is Your Practice Prepared?

Nearly 6 million Americans have dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or some other form of cognitive impairment that affects their memory. Many dementia patients experience pain, and among the medical community, awareness of the need for effective pain management is growing. The Role of Diagnostic Imaging in Pain Management The challenge of providing pain management to a… Continue Reading »

Money Matters: What You Need to Know About Refurbished Medical Equipment Pricing

refurbished medical equipment pricing blog

When you’re choosing a refurbished medical diagnostic imaging vendor, there are three areas to consider. In the first part of this series, we talked about the importance of expertise. It’s important that your vendor can help you select the equipment that meets your practice’s needs. In the second part, we talked about service and repairs…. Continue Reading »

Save the Date: Bluestone Diagnostics will be at ASCA 2018 Boston 4/11-14

ASCA 2018 Bluestone Diagnostics

Every year, the Bluestone Diagnostics team attends a few industry events and conferences to spread the word about the tremendous savings that comes with choosing refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. Next on the calendar is ASCA 2018 Boston.  Presented by the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, this year’s gathering promises to be a very valuable event for… Continue Reading »

Where Will Healthcare Happen When Patients Prefer to Avoid the Hospital?

Healthcare Blog Bluestone Diagnostics

Hospitals have such a well-established presence in our society that we can overlook the fact that they haven’t always been there, and they might not always be there. A fascinating New York Times editorial, written by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, author of “Prescription for the Future”, tracks the changing role hospitals have played over the years and… Continue Reading »

Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Refurbished Medical Equipment Vendor

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There are several reasons why choosing refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment makes sense. Ideal for healthcare systems and practices that wish to maximize their budget, refurbished medical equipment provides the same reliable functionality of new units, for a fraction of the price. Choosing refurbished diagnostic equipment is often the most cost-effective way to increase practice capacity,… Continue Reading »

Starting Strong: 3 Ways to Maximize Your Equipment Budget During the First Quarter of 2018

Equipment Budgeting Blog Image

The new year is well underway, and practice administrators find themselves in an uncomfortably familiar position. The continuing uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act is making life difficult. The number of people receiving Medicaid is continuing to rise while reimbursement rates are falling.  The tumultuous situation in Washington means no one can confidently predict what’s… Continue Reading »

Increasing Practice Capacity Through Strategic Imaging Equipment Sourcing Boosts Revenue

Strategic Imaging Equipment Blog Image

As the year draws to an end, healthcare systems administrators review budgets with two goals in mind: ensuring that all designated funding is spent appropriately, with an eye toward increasing practice profitability in the coming year. That means this is an ideal time to review existing diagnostic imaging capacity. In many instances, upgrading or adding… Continue Reading »