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Are High Interest Rates and Inflation Cutting Into Your Facility’s Bottom Line? Renting is a Great Solution!

Renting a C-Arm during times of high-interest rates and rising prices offers many advantages over purchasing. Here is a rundown of just a few of those advantages:

1. Smaller Down Payment and Flexible Terms

When you rent a c-arm, you pay in small installments and do not have to concern yourself with a large down payment. Instead of purchasing a machine outright with a large down payment, you can settle into the easier path of renting. Also, customers are able to negotiate flexible rental terms that suit their present and future needs.

2. Rental Agreements Include ALL Set-Up and Maintenance Costs

When you rent a c-arm, the supplier will install (“set-up”) the c-arm at no additional expense. Also, the customer does not have to worry about paying any ongoing maintenance costs as these expenditures are covered for the duration of the rental agreement.

3. Save on Opportunity Costs

By renting a c-arm, you free up the money that would have been spent on a large down payment. Your facility can then allocate that money for other capital equipment.

4. Renting Equipment is Paid from Operating Funds, NOT Capital Funds – TAX BENEFIT

When you rent medical equipment, you typically make payments with operating funds and count your rental payment as an operating expense. Such payments qualify as a deductible expense that can allow your facility a tax break with the IRS.

To summarize the benefits of renting a c-arm:

  • You can acquire the system without the large down payment often required to make a large purchase.
  • You can deduct the payments as an operating expense and use your capital budget for other projects for the facility.
  • You can negotiate favorable rental terms enabling an easy payment structure.
  • You don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, as they are covered during the entire rental term.

Bluestone C-Arms Plus offers a wide range of GE/OEC c-arms available immediately for rent – notably the OEC 9900 Elite and OEC 9800 systems – which can be used for all types of procedures. We also have an assortment of c-arm tables available for rent from such manufacturers as Oakworks, Surgical Tables Inc, and Biodex. Please contact us as we would be more than happy to assist you in providing a flexible rental plan.

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