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Reason #2 – ALL Set-Up and Maintenance Costs are Included in a Rental Agreement

The costs of installation and service are often the responsibility of the buyer when purchasing a c-arm from a reputable reseller.  However, when renting a c-arm from a third party, the costs of installation and ongoing service should be covered by the supplier.  This represents tremendous savings for the renter.  Many medical facilities already manage hundreds or thousands of patients, so not needing to manage equipment care on top of that is incredibly helpful.  Always check the lease terms to understand what the supplier will and will not service, including exclusions for issues due to misuse.  In addition, ask your supplier if scheduled Preventive Maintenance (PM) visits are part of the rental package. Scheduled PM’s should be a part of any rental agreement.

Although a reputable supplier fully tests the equipment prior to delivery and installation, problems can arise with heavy use of a system.  That is why service coverage during the rental period is essential and a tremendous advantage especially if the rental company provides responsive service with expert engineers.

Training for your staff is essential for a smooth transition to new equipment. When initiating the agreement to rent a c-arm, make certain that the supplier provides adequate training for your staff.  Such training will ensure that your facility will get the most out of the rental system.

Bluestone C-Arms Plus offers a wide range of GE/OEC c-arms available immediately for rent, notably the OEC 9900 Elite and OEC 9800 systems, which can be used for a large range of procedures.  We also carry an assortment of c-arm tables available for rent from such manufacturers as Oakworks, Surgical Tables Inc, and Biodex.

Please contact us as we would be more than happy to assist you in providing a flexible rental plan.

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