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Is Renting Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Really More Expensive?

Is Renting Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Really More Expensive?

When you need to acquire diagnostic imaging equipment such as a c-arm for your healthcare facility, there are three possible options available to you. You can purchase the equipment, acquire it via a long- or short-term lease, or rent.

It’s not unusual to hear people dismiss the rental option out of hand, saying it’s too expensive. But is renting diagnostic imaging equipment really more expensive? In this article, we’re going to look at the circumstances where renting a c-arm may make more sense than either a purchase or lease.

Scenario #1: You’re setting up a new facility & have limited funds.

New health care facilities are opening at jaw-dropping rates all across the country. Whether you’re in sports medicine, pain management, ambulatory surgery, or a hospital that provides image-guided procedures, having a reliable c-arm that can deliver superior image quality is essential. Purchasing a c-arm is a large financial commitment, and you may want to minimize the number of long-term obligations you have related to a relatively new facility. That’s when renting – which requires minimal cash outlay and offers maximum flexibility – makes sense.

Scenario #2: You’re considering purchasing a c-arm but want to be sure it’s right for you.

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it. In much the same way, physicians, clinicians and techs often appreciate the ability to work with a particular piece of equipment, such as the OEC 9900 Elite, to make sure it meets their clinical, spatial, and work flow needs before any final purchasing decisions are made.  Renting is the ideal way to “try before you buy” – you field test the equipment in your location, with your team and your workflow, without any commitment or significant financial investment.

Scenario #3: It’s not the right time to make a capital investment.

Health care facilities typically have complex budgets, which means there are several factors that can influence the decision to rent or buy. Purchasing a piece of equipment does give the facility an asset that can be depreciated over several years, while rental fees are considered an operational expense. Factor in the impact any required financing has on the organization, and it may be that renting a c-arm is the most cost-effective way to meet your facility’s needs.

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