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Diagnostic Equipment Financing

When obtaining a used diagnostic imaging machine, you don’t want to compromise quality for value, but financial and budgetary restrictions can pose a challenge. At Bluestone, we understand the financial pressures of running a facility and offer the flexible financing options you need to get the most reliable refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment for the best value. Whether you need a mini c-arm, an OEC 9800 c-arm, an OEC 9900, a refurbished c-arm table, or refurbished radiology equipment – we can get you the equipment you need at a price you’ll love.

Each diagnostic equipment financing project we handle is unique

We help you determine the right financial option for your refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment rental or purchase. Our trusted relationships with a number of financial institutions allow you to choose the financial structure that meets your specific requirements. Simple and convenient, your facility can lease or rent the diagnostic imaging equipment it needs, and when it comes to diagnostic imaging equipment prices, we are competitive.

We offer three diagnostic equipment financing options to best fit your needs and situation, whether you need a GE 9900 Elite, OEC 9800, OEC 9600, or a Philips BV Libra; we’ve got you covered.

  • Bluestone Diagnostics Capital Lease Plan: This option will allow customers to lease diagnostic imaging equipment over the course of either 36, 48 or 60 months, depending on their budgets and situations. For example, a high quality c-arm such as a refurbished OEC 9800 with a sales price of approximately $80,000 (PV or Present Value of $80,000) may be leased for $2,537.00 per month over 36 months, $1,994.00 per month over 48 months and $1,664.00 per month over 60 months. After the completion of these monthly payments and a $1.00 buyout, the lessee will own the diagnostic imaging equipment.
  • Bluestone Diagnostics FMV Lease Plan: This lease plan is ideal for customers concerned about cash flow, as it offers FMV (Fair Market Value) for lease payments over the course of three years. The FMV lease plan is extremely flexible and economical, not only giving the lessee the option to purchase the diagnostic imaging equipment at FMV at the end of the lease, but giving him the option to upgrade to a higher technology at a comparable rate or renew the lease for a lower monthly rate at the end of the lease as well. Diagnostic imaging leasing is ideal for customers who are considering making a purchase or upgrading to a newer technology in the near future.
  • Bluestone Diagnostics Rental Plan: This rental plan generally requires a minimum of three months. Bluestone’s plan not only gives the lessee the option to purchase the diagnostic imaging equipment at the end of the rental term, it offers the lessee the ability to accrue rental credit towards that purchase. For example, if the minimum rental term is six months, it allows for the lessee to accrue 50% credit for each of a maximum of 6 monthly payments towards the buyout of the diagnostic imaging equipment.

Quality, value, dependability – Bluestone has the solution you need to fulfill your current needs and reach your future goals.

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