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What is Diagnostic Imaging Equipment?

Diagnostic imaging is the process of capturing images of the inner workings of the body in order to make a medical diagnosis. Diagnostic imaging equipment is a category of technologies used to perform this function. Different diagnostic imaging equipment is used depending on the symptoms the patient is experiencing.

Types of diagnostic imaging equipment used in medical facilities may include:

  • X-ray systems:

    X-ray systems are used primarily to assess the condition of a patient’s bones, generally to check whether or not a bone has broken or fractured. Though with less frequency, x-ray systems are occasionally used to identify or locate some forms of cancer.

  • CT Scanners:

    CT scanners are the diagnostic imaging equipment of choice when more than one x-ray image is needed, generally to capture different angles for a more complete picture. CT scanners also produce a better quality image than x-ray systems. For this reason, CT scanners are often used to diagnosis problems existing with the heart or brain or to identify colon cancer or pulmonary problems.

  • Ultrasounds:

    Ultrasounds are a minimally invasive, quick way to get a glance inside the body. This type of diagnostic imaging equipment is used most commonly on pregnant women to capture images of the fetus at various stages of development.

  • A C-arm and/or mini-c-arm:

    The use of c-arms and mini c-arms as a diagnostic imaging equipment has evolved over the years. Today, the best medical facilities are using this diagnostic imaging equipment for pain management, orthopedics, vascular access, urology and more. The mini c-arm is used to help identify problems prevalent in the body’s extremities, as well as in performing hand and foot surgery.

  • Mammography machines:

    The mammography machine is a specific type of x-ray system used specifically to capture images of the breasts, primarily for the use of early identification and diagnosis of breast cancer.

  • Bone densitometers:

    Bone densitometers are an advanced type of x-ray system used to measure bone loss. This type of diagnostic imaging equipment is most often used to diagnose and track the treatment of osteoporosis.

Medical practitioners may use multiple types of diagnostic imaging equipment in order to get the most accurate and detailed look inside the patient’s body, allowing them to make an informed diagnosis.

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