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Reason #1 – Why Renting a C-Arm is an Excellent Solution with the Possibility of an Economic Downturn on the Horizon

There is a bit of uncertainty in the economy right now, with talk of a possible recession occurring in the not-too-distant future. If you wish to continue current projects or grow your facility during this time, renting, instead of purchasing that system outright, could enable you to pursue such options.

Healthcare facilities typically have complex budgets, which means that there are several factors that can influence the decision of whether to rent or buy. Purchasing a piece of equipment gives the facility an asset that can be depreciated over several years, while rental fees are considered an operational expense. Factor in the impact any required financing has on the organization, and it may be that renting a c-arm is the most cost-effective way to meet your facility’s needs.

When you rent medical equipment, you normally make payments with operating funds and consider your rental payment as an operating expense. This allows your facility to save your capital funds for other projects. Furthermore, rental payments qualify as a tax benefit as operating expenses are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Bluestone C-Arms Plus offers a wide range of GE/OEC c-arms available immediately for rent – notably the OEC 9900 Elite and OEC 9800 systems – which can be used for all types of procedures. We also have an assortment of c-arm tables available for rent from such manufacturers as Oakworks, Surgical Tables Inc, and Biodex. Please contact us as we would be more than happy to assist you in providing a flexible rental plan.

*Be sure to check with your organization’s accountants to ensure you qualify for this deduction.

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