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Is Renting Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Really More Expensive?

Is Renting Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Really More Expensive?

When you need to acquire diagnostic imaging equipment such as a c-arm for your healthcare facility, there are three possible options available to you. You can purchase the equipment, acquire it via a long- or short-term lease, or rent. It’s not unusual to hear people dismiss the rental option out of hand, saying it’s too… Continue Reading »

More Paracentesis & Thoracentesis Procedures Being Performed by Radiologists

more paracentesis & thoracentesis procedures being performed by radiologists

Radiology Business recently reported that more and more paracentesis and thoracentesis procedures are being performed by radiologists, rather than by non-radiologist physicians. Patients requiring paracentesis – the draining of fluid from a cavity, generally in the abdomen area – or thoracentesis, which involves draining fluid or air from between the lung and chest wall –… Continue Reading »

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