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What could your practice do with an additional $40,000?

Everyone has heard the old saying that “Cash is King!” when it comes to running a business. That statement has a great deal of truth in it. With the proper cash reserves, the business can seize opportunities to expand and grow without taking on any debt. In short, cash allows the business the flexibility to make decisions that it might not otherwise make if it were cash strapped.

However, building up that cash reserve is not an easy task for hospitals, surgery centers and clinics performing imaging guided procedures or diagnostic imaging services. Directors and managers at those facilities must manage the delicate balance between meeting patient demand, which has fluctuated wildly due to the pandemic, and managing their investments in equipment used to support those procedures or services.

Bluestone’s C-Arm Rental Solution

One way to manage that risk and help increase your cash reserves is to look at renting rather than purchasing your diagnostic imaging equipment. Clinics that choose renting c-arms over buying can save $40,000 or more. Those are real dollars that can give the facility the ability to invest in existing areas of the business or pursue a new strategy to help the business grow.

While cash is king, the other benefits of renting over buying make it an even more attractive choice. For example, renting is a short-term commitment. If demand diminishes for whatever reason, you are not trapped in a long-term contract that no longer meets your needs. Conversely, if demand increases suddenly, renting can help you meet that new demand quickly which will keep your referral partners happy and your patient satisfaction metrics high.

Renting will also enable you to eliminate your financing fees and leverage the tax benefits of renting – more savings that help increase those cash reserves. By choosing a reputable partner with experience in refurbished imaging equipment rental, you can make sure that the rental terms and equipment fit your needs.

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