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Medical Device Customers May Be Left Out in the Cold This Winter.

We continue to hear the discouraging news concerning the global supply chain shortage and semiconductor shortage, with their effects being felt across all sectors of our economy. Although these shortages currently show signs of improvement, as stated by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo in late 2021, “You’re going to see continuous but slow improvement, and I think you’re well into 2022 before it’s back to normal.”

As with most supply driven shortages, there are opportunities available for organizations that are nimble and able to supply services when others in their industry cannot. This is particularly true in the medical imaging space.

As many image-based procedures are becoming more common outside of the hospital setting and are now being performed in outpatient settings due to COVID and other patient-driven reasons, ASC administrators are seeing an increase in demand, but are finding it difficult to obtain new equipment due to the shortage of semiconductors commonly used in c-arms and mini c-arms.

So how does a smart administrator meet this demand and continue to drive revenue to their business? The opportunity lies in finding the right equipment that can be quickly sourced and put into service. To accomplish this, many administrators are looking at purchasing refurbished c-arms and mini c-arms to meet this demand. Additionally, much of the refurbished imaging equipment can be rented rather than purchased, which in the current imaging environment, is a perfect fit.

The fact that renting provides immediate access to a wide range of state-of-the-art imaging equipment, it is also a lower risk option then purchasing because it provides you with the equipment you need as you need it.

Renting also provides the safety net of no long-term commitment, so if your needs change, you are not locked into a contract that no longer meets your needs. You get to decide how best to meet the demand and your budget is not held hostage to a long-term capital expense. Bluestone Diagnostics has  20 years of experience in selling and renting refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment, including large c-arms and mini c-arms. That experience includes a hands-on, consultative approach that will enable you to evaluate the benefits of renting so you can make an informed decision

Interested in learning more? Download our free guide to learn about why acquiring refurbished imaging equipment may be the right choice for you and how renting as opposed to buying is a smart choice. The guide and all the valuable information in it are free!

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