Siemens Arcadis Varic


Arcadis Varic Description:

Focused on improving everyday practice and solely led by your needs, ARCADIS Varic incorporates numerous unique to-the-point solutions. From image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency, the groundbreaking features of ARCADIS Varic set new benchmarks for a Siemens C-Arm – with outstanding functionalities that make perfect imaging a snap and an overall ergonomic concept that redefines your clinical workflow in many fields of practice.


  • Precise imaging and perfect visualization
  • Easy operation
  • Improved clinical workflow
  • Maximum flexibility in data handling
  • Truly digital navigation with NaviLink 2D
  • Perfectly thought-out and fully digital for outstanding image quality
  • High performance for demanding applications
  • Making acquisition a snap with EASY
  • Uncompromising performance in visualization
  • Straightforward operation right from the start

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Siemens Arcadis Varic C  Arm Specifications

  • Reverse position (C-ARM): Yes
  • Rotation (C-ARM): 130 ° (+90/-40)
  • Depth: (PA GANTRY): 29 in., 73 cm.
  • Free space: (C-ARM): 31 in., 78 cm.
  • Vertical movement: (RADIATION DETECTOR): 15.7 in., 40 cm. motorized
  • Horizontal travel: (C-ARM): 7.9 in., 20 cm
  • Panning movement (C-ARM): 12.5
  • Pivot rotation, (C-ARM): 190 °
  • DICOM COMPATIBLE (Focal spot size, mm): Yes

  • Power rating (X-RAY GENERATOR): 2.3 kw @ 100 kvp
  • mAs RANGE (X-RAY TUBE): 1-150 in 23 steps
  • Snapshot function (MONITOR): 0.2-23 mA
  • Kv range (X-RAY GENERATOR): 40
  • Ma range (IMAGING SYSTEM): 0.2-23
  • Kv range (X-RAY GENERATOR): 40
  • Pulsed fluoroscopy (X-RAY GENERATOR): Yes
  • Abs control (MONITOR): Exposure, TV iris, camera gain
  • Aec (X-RAY GENERATOR): mAs
  • Pulses per sec (MONITOR): Up to 15s

  • Iris collimation with dual opposing semitransparent leaf shutters allow elliptical, round and rectangular collimation
  • Minimum beam size < 5 X 5 cm2
  • Iris and shutters are continuously variable
  • All functions remotely controlled from the C-Arm control panel

  • H x W x D of C-arm frame, cm (in): 68 in. x 32 in. x 68 in.,173 cm. x 81 cm. x 173 cm.
  • Weight: 520 lbs. (236 kg.) chassis, 395 lbs. (180 kg.) monitor cart

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