Remanufactured GE AMX-4 Plus Mobile X-Ray System


The GE AMX-4 Plus is the most reliable portable on the market. For over twenty years, hospitals have relied on the dependability of the GE AMX-4 portable for their imaging needs.

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GE AMX 4 Plus Specifications

System design and transport:
  • Overall dimension
    • Footprint (L X W X H) (mm 1148 x 639 x 1930 (tube in park position)
  • Overall weight (kg) 499
  • Powered or manual drive Motor driven
  • Speed of Movement for powered
    • drive(km-hr -1)
    • 4.8 (maximum speed)
    • 2.4 (arm out of transport position)
  • Details of movement brakes and safety devices
    • Dead man type drive handle, positive tube lock for transport, front safety bumper
  • Minimum turning circle (mm) Will turn on own axis
  • Maximum step height that can be negotiated (mm) 10
  • Maximum ramp gradient that can be negotiated (º) 5
  • Give details of any batteries that are fitted for powered drive / X-ray generation
    • 9 x 12 volts sealed lead acid batteries, Used for both motor drive and x-ray generation
  • Typical charge time from minimum to full charge (minutes) 480
  • Range with powered drive from complete charge (m) 5000
  • Storage facilities Storage bin for cassettes (up to 10 (35 x 43 cm) 14″ x17″

X-Ray Tube Support:
  • Rotating column (± 270º0 with counterbalanced extending horizontal arm
  • Maximum / minimum focal spot height (mm) 2012 / 620
  • Maximum horizontal extension (mm) 1076
  • Electromagnetic Locks with single control (on collimator assembly) for main support movements, manual or friction for other movements

X-Ray Tube Assembly:
  • Focal spot sizes 0.75 mm
  • Type of collimator Standard, manually controlled light beam diaphragm, 2 pairs of blades
  • Total beam filtration (mm Al equivalent) >2.5

X-Ray generator:
  • Generator type Medium frequency, multi pulse (1 kHz), microprocessor controlled
  • Mains power supply, battery pack charged from standard 120VAC, 10-amp outlet
  • Nominal output (kW) 12.5
  • kV range 50 to 125
  • mAs range:
    • 4 to 320 at 60kV
    • 4 to 320 at 80kV
    • 4 to 250 at 100kV
  • Touch panel controls and digital displays
  • Manual Collimator, manually controlled light beam diaphragm, 2 pairs of blades
  • Total beam filtration (mm Al equivalent) >2.5

The remanufacturing process includes but is not limited to the following:

  • AMX-4 Collimator Completely rebuilt to like new condition
  • Structural Reinforcements
  • Rebuilt base assembly
  • Horizontal tube arm latch upgrade installed
  • Upgraded Charger Board
  • Noise suppressors
  • Base Anti-Static cables installed
  • New counterweight cables
  • New 28 Amp/Hour Lead Calcium Batteries
  • New HV cables
  • New L.V. cables
  • New bearings where needed
  • New control panel decals
  • New hand switch cord and housing
  • Upgraded front casters (if needed)
  • New collimator power cable
  • New low voltage rotor cable
  • New decals throughout the portable to replace all existing decals
  • Complete calibration to meet or exceed OEM specifications

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