GE Venue 40 Ultrasound (NEW) with One Year Warranty


Application for Musculoskeletal – Enhanced parameters for superficial and conventional Musculosketetal imaging. The GE Venue 40 Ultrasound is a piece of high quality diagnostic imaging equipment that includes adjustment of depth and gain, Power Doppler and Color modes, auto optimization of image, onboard annotation library, plus free typing capability. For applications such as diagnostics, treatment and monitoring of Musuloskeletal diseases, and disorders, image guided injections or drainage, and management of chronic pain patients.

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Musculoskeletal Application:

  • Ready-to-scan Pack: Tailored for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of conventional and superficial Musculoskeletal applications.

Standard Content:

  • Venue 40 with dedicated imaging parameters and annotation libraries for Musculoskeletal and Anesthesia applications. Scanning modes: B-mode, Color Doppler and Power Doppler, CrossXBeam, and SRI.

Includes the following probe:

  • 12L-SC Transducer
  • 4C-SC Transducer

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