Mindray Z6 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System


The Z6 portable Color Doppler ultrasound system is an optimum choice that brings features from traditional color Doppler ultrasound system in a compact design. With this system, Mindray is offering excellent price-performance. The Z6 offers outstanding image quality and functionality at a great price. Highlights include:

  • A compact and lightweight system that is designed for enhanced mobility
  • Lightweight and durable transducers for multi-modality imaging
  • Quick Save One push image transfer to local or directly to USB
  • iTouch Auto Optimization: single button image optimization
  • iZoom: enables accurate viewing from a distance
  • iStation: clipboard, onboard reporting
  • IMT: auto-measurement of carotid intimae-thickness
  • 15″ high definition LCD, tilt display
  • Backlit control panel
  • Li-ion battery

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System Specifications:
  • Net Weight: 8.8kg (including battery)
  • Dimensions: 7.48’’L x 16.34’’W x 14.88’’H (19.0 cm L x 41.5 cm W x 37.8 cm H)
  • Display: 15″ diagonal LCD, High-Resolution 1024 x 768
  • Display Language: Chinese/English/German/Spanish/French/Italian/Portuguese/Russian/Czech/Polish
  • Power: System operates via rechargeable lithium-ion battery or AC power

Display Modes and Imaging Processing:
  • Broadband, multi-frequency imaging:
    • Single window
    • B/C/D triplex mode
    • Dual live: B/C, B/TDI
    • Adjustable time line display format (1:1, 1:2, Full)
    • Dual-split: B/C, B/TDI, B/M, B/PW – Quad-split
    • Image processing: Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
    • iBeam™ Spatial Compound Imaging
    • iClear™ Adaptive Speckle Suppression Imaging
    • iTouch™ Auto Optimization
    • iZoom™ Automatically expand the image to full screen – Trapezoid imaging
    • Slant scanning for linear probes (2D Steer)

User Interface:
  • Alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard with Backlight
  • Multi-function Knobs
  • Trackball for easy operation and navigation
  • Ergonomic Soft Key Operations
  • 8-Segment TGC
  • User Defined Blank keys: shortcut for easy access to system menus and active parameter adjustment

  • Abdominal, Obstetrical, Gynecological, Cardiac, Small parts, Urology, Vascular, Orthopedics, Emergency, Nerve

Intelligent Workflow/Storage/Review:
  • iStation™
    • Intelligent patient data management platform with integrated search engine for patient data – Intelligent data backup/restore
    • 320G integrated hard disk for Storage
  • Cine review
    • Auto, Manual (auto review segment can be set), supports linked cine review for 2D, M/D images
  • Cine memory capacity (Max.)
    • Clip length presettable: 1-60s
    • B mode: 12394 frames
    • M mode: 181.1 s
    • PW/CW: 169.6 s
    • Color: 10121 frames
  • Max. frames in HDD
    • 12905551 frames (JPG format) – 232397 frames (FRM format) iStorage

  • DICOM basic
    • Task management
    • DICOM storage
    • DICOM print
    • DICOM storage commitment
    • DICOM media storage (including DICOM DIR)
  • DICOM Worklist
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve
  • DICOM OB/GYN structured report
  • DICOM OB/GYN vascular report
  • DICOM OB/GYN cardiac report

Standard Configurtion:
  • 15″ LCD monitor
  • Two transducer connecter
  • Control Panel
  • Handle
  • Indicators: Power/Battery/Standby/HDD status
  • Color/PW
  • Phase Shift harmonic imaging
  • Shared Service Package
  • Steer scanning for linear probes (2D Steer)
  • iBeam™
  • iTouch™
  • ExFOV Imaging
  • iStation™
  • 320G integrated hard disk
  • I/O Interfaces

  • iClear™
  • IMT (Auto Calculation of Intima-Media Thickness)
  • HPRF
  • CW module
  • iScape View
  • Free Xros M (Anatomical M)
  • TDI (Tissue Doppler imaging) module
  • Application software packages
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Battery Pack
  • External USB DVD-RW: SE-S224
  • Footswitch
  • Mobile trolley: UMT-150
  • Mobile trolley: UMT-160
  • Carrying Case
  • Needle-guided brackets


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Mindray Z6 Digital Portable Ultrasound

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