GE Logiq e BT08 Portable Ultrasound (Factory Demo)


The Logiq e is an ultraportable ultrasound system based on TruScan Architecture common to all GE systems. This sophisticated diagnostic imaging equipment features a powerful PC platform, raw data/DICOM storage with unique post-processing capabilities, archiving and management-on board hard drive disk storage with premium performance.

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Standard configuration includes the following:

  • 10.4” high-quality LCD monitor with programmable adjustments for optimal image quality.
  • Rechargeable battery providing 1.0 hours of full scan operation
  • Connectivity
  • Archiving
  • ATO
  • DICOM Media
  • Creator and Excel File Output
  • ASO for Fast Doppler
  • Optimization
Includes the following options:

  • Logiq View
  • Easy 3D
  • Color Doppler
  • PW Doppler
  • Harmonics

Includes the following probe:

  • GE 12L-RS

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