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How to gain a competitive advantage in today’s uncertain economic climate

How to gain a competitive advantage in today’s uncertain economic climate

Looking for a competitive advantage in these fiscally challenging times? That usually means some type of investment that will help attract more patients and still provides a satisfying experience that will help increase your patient satisfaction metrics. That sounds expensive, especially with the current healthcare environment turbulent and unpredictable. No responsible administrator wants to make investments in that type of environment.

If you are in sports medicine, pain management, ambulatory surgery or any specialty that provides image guided procedures, then maybe it’s time to consider renting a refurbished c-arm or mini c-arm to gain that advantage you have been looking for. Consider the benefits of renting versus purchasing:

  • Operating expense vs. a capital expenditure with a minimal cash outlay, no financing fees, and the rental fees are tax deductible
  • No long-term obligations
  • Wide selection of equipment to choose from
  • You get to “try before you buy” to ensure that your clinicians and techs like the equipment and that it meets the needs of your practice.
  • You get to meet or increase your diagnostic imaging capacity and increase revenue while decreasing wait times for your patients.

Bluestone Diagnostics, Inc has ten years of experience in renting and selling refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment, including mobile c-arms and mini c-arms. That experience includes a hands-on, consultative approach that will enable you to evaluate the benefits of renting so you can make an informed decision.

Let us help answer your questions and show you how!

Download our special report – C-Arm and Mini C-Arm Rentals That Make Sense. Get more information about how Bluestone Diagnostics can help you gain that competitive advantage you have been looking for.

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