Philips Veradius C-Arm


Bluestone Diagnostics, Inc. offers the latest model of c-arms from Philips in the form of the Philips Veradius c-arm system. The Philips Veradius incorporating a flat detector offers numerous advantages:

  • A large field of view and a thin profile that frees up space in the operating room or other location system is being used
  • Not affected by geometrical distortions and can thus can be positioned freely
  • Not affected by magnetic distortions
  • The Veradius is foldable and easily maneuverable with foot and rear wheel steering
  • Offers superb contrast for cardiac, vascular, and orthopedic procedures
  • Promotes efficiency with fast start-up times, streamlined workflow and consistent image quality
  • Can run for longer periods due to the systems outstanding cooling capabilities

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X-Ray Generator:
  • Monoblock 60kHz high frequency
  • Maximum generator output – 15kW power
  • X-Ray Tube – Rotating Anode Tube

Flat Detector:
  • Trixell amorphous silicon detector
  • Matrix Size – 1560 x 1420 pixels
  • Active Detector Area – 26.2 x 26.2 cm/ 10.3 x 10.3″
  • Pixel pitch – 184 μm
  • Dynamic Range – 103 dB (16 bit)

  • Color coded/Fully balanced
  • Depth – 73.0 cm/29″
  • Source image distance – 99,3 cm/39″
  • Angulation – +90°/–45°
  • Lowest lateral position – 100.7 cm/40″

  • Mobile View Station – 19″ High-Brightness color monitors
  • 12″ Stand monitor

  • WLAN (option)


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