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why refurbished daignostic imaging equipment makes sense when cash is tight

Recession Proof Your Supply Chain: Why Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Makes Lots of Sense When Cash is Tight

Managing the budget for any health care organization is a complex, difficult job. Whether you’re in charge of the finances for a small surgery center or you’re part of the purchasing department in a large hospital system, you’ve got one top concern: getting the maximum value for your purchasing dollars.

Currently, there are widespread concerns about a coming economic recession. While we’re not able to predict the future, we can tell you with absolute confidence that health care providers continue to need diagnostic imaging equipment, even when times are tight.  There’s a number of reasons for this: older equipment stops performing to the needed standard; increased patient demand for diagnostic testing and image-guided procedures; or expanding existing or opening new facilities.

Replacing or upgrading your diagnostic imaging equipment doesn’t have to break your budget. Refurbished diagnostic equipment can cost as much as 40% less than sourcing the same units new from the manufacturer.  During times of recession or economic contraction, these savings can be critical.

Protect Your Investment by Choosing an Experienced Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Vendor

During the 2008 recession, there were many people who entered into the refurbished medical equipment marketplace in the hopes of making easy money. They quickly discovered that this is not the easiest business – but they learned this lesson by disappointing health care providers who were depending on them.

The takeaway here is to do your due diligence when choosing a refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment vendor. Experience matters – especially when it comes to service and repairs. If there’s ever a problem with a unit, you want to know that your vendor will coordinate the needed repairs quickly and efficiently.

Bluestone Diagnostics sells only fully refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment, which has been restored to original manufacturer’s specifications. All units are tested and calibrated prior to sale. There’s seldom a problem, but when there is, our extensive network of qualified repair professionals are on standby to make things right.

Flexible Financing Helps Keep Cash Flow Healthy

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is a top concern for health care facilities. Flexible financing options are important to know about because they can help you acquire the diagnostic imaging equipment you need while minimizing the impact on your budget. Bluestone Diagnostics offers an array of financing options, including flexible rental and lease arrangements. You don’t have to tie up your cash in diagnostic imaging equipment – simply rent what you need when you need it and enjoy the budget-boosting impact of flexible financing.

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