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trade wars, tariffs & medical imaging equipment: what you need to know

Trade Wars, Tariffs & Medical Imaging Equipment: What You Need To Know

Health care purchasing decisions can be impacted dramatically by world events. As we’re currently in an environment of high uncertainty, it’s prudent to consider how an escalating trade war with China and high tariffs will factor into your diagnostic imaging equipment sourcing decisions.


Medical Device Network reports that as of May 2019, import tariffs as high as 25% apply to specific goods coming from China, including diagnostic imaging equipment and the diagnostic reagents used in some X-ray procedures. These tariffs also apply to imports of aluminum and steel, two raw materials that are critical to the manufacture of diagnostic imaging equipment.

Previous to this point, the import tariffs on diagnostic imaging equipment, reagents, and the raw materials were much lower. Raising the tariffs does purportedly help domestic producers of diagnostic imaging equipment – although many of the largest US manufacturers will be adversely affected by the increased costs of raw materials.

The end users of diagnostic imaging equipment – physicians, technicians, and ultimately, patients – are far removed from the ongoing trade war, yet it can and will impact their experience. Tariffs are designed to raise the prices of imported goods; at the same time, increases to the price of raw materials will cause the costs of domestically produced diagnostic imaging equipment to go up. What option remains for the health care facility that needs to ensure it has adequate testing capacity on a limited budget?

Choosing refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment is an effective cost-containment strategy. At this point, the cost for proven, high-quality diagnostic imaging equipment from top manufacturers including GE OEC, Siemens, and more can be as much as 40% less than current prices for the same equipment brand new. And as the prices for new equipment continue to rise, the savings grow even greater.

During times of economic volatility, many organizations prefer to pursue a conservative strategy that controls costs and minimizes risks. Working with a proven provider of top-quality refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment makes sense on both counts. Bluestone Diagnostics provides fully refurbished, tested, and calibrated diagnostic imaging equipment that is ready to be used upon installation. Our service and support can’t be beat. While we wait for the world markets to stabilize, it’s possible to take advantage of the savings available right here, right now, by choosing refurbished.

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