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Bluestone Diagnostics How to Make Smart Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Choices

Budget Breakdown: How to Make Smart Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Choices

Choosing the right diagnostic imaging equipment for your practice or facility can be a complicated process. That’s why we were so thrilled to see Diagnostic Imaging do an in-depth article on what to consider when purchasing new radiology equipment.

After covering the common trigger points that lead a practice to look for additional diagnostic imaging equipment – problems with existing equipment, current sub-optimal image quality, backlog and workflow issues, and the need to attract qualified staff and more patients – there’s an interesting discussion of cost projections.

Mitigating Risk: Why Choosing Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Makes Sense

There are two important factors to consider when shopping for diagnostic imaging equipment. The first is the total cost – this includes the price of the piece of equipment, as well as associated costs for maintenance, training, and so on. The second is revenue projections – the financial impact that adding this piece of equipment to your practice will have. If you’ll be able to see more patients and grow your practice because you’ve increased your testing capacity, your revenues will increase.

The Diagnostic Imaging equipment points out that while determining the cost half of the equation is relatively simple, it’s possible to be overly optimistic about revenue projections. Even reasonable expectations are sometimes disappointing. With that in mind, it’s important to take steps to mitigate your risk. This means considering choosing refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment rather than new.

Diagnostic Imaging: Advice on Choosing Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Here’s what Diagnostic Imaging has to say about choosing refurbished equipment:

Refurbished models, overall, offer you new model functionalities, just in older, more affordable packages. Each vendor rebuilds and certifies machines to their quality standards, but you must work closely to ensure older models fit your visual and clinical needs.

“Your medical equipment is the face of your practice and your services. You don’t want scratches or missing pieces or dents,” he says. “You can get great results with refurbished equipment, but when you buy it, be sure it has the latest software. You don’t want to make clinical compromises.”

For the Best Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Choose Bluestone Diagnostics

With over 30 years of experience serving the healthcare community, Bluestone Diagnostics knows how to find you the diagnostic imaging equipment you need to meet your practice demands and patient expectations at a price that makes sense for your budget. We understand the need to plan for both the short and long term and offer a variety of flexible financing options. Discover why Bluestone Diagnostics is many practice administrators’ favorite vendor.

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