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Increasing Practice Capacity Through Strategic Imaging Equipment Sourcing Boosts Revenue Blog Image

Increasing Practice Capacity Through Strategic Imaging Equipment Sourcing Boosts Revenue

As the year draws to an end, healthcare systems administrators review budgets with two goals in mind: ensuring that all designated funding is spent appropriately, with an eye toward increasing practice profitability in the coming year. That means this is an ideal time to review existing diagnostic imaging capacity. In many instances, upgrading or adding additional pieces of equipment to your practice makes it possible to see more patients, faster, boosting both patient satisfaction scores and practice revenue.

Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment: Purchase, Lease or Rental

C-arms and mini c-arms are among the most useful pieces of diagnostic imaging equipment for practices wishing to increase capacity. The GE OEC 9800 Plus Mobile C Arm is especially popular because of its simple user interface and superior image quality – the need for time-consuming repeat testing is virtually eliminated because technicians can reliably and efficiently secure usable images in a single session.  Suitable for a wide range of applications and outfitted with the latest software upgrades, these units are available for purchase, rental or lease. GE/OEC also produces highly desirable mini c-arms, as do OrthoScan and Hologic. If you’re interested in a specific unit, or would like to explore your options before the budget year-end arrives, please give us a call today.

Portable X Ray/DR Systems: Budget Friendly Upgrade Available Now

The GE AMX4 is the reliable portable x-ray machine many practices have depended on for years. Now it is possible to enjoy dramatically enhanced image quality and faster data transfer by adding DR capacity to your current AMX4 units. Portable x-ray units suitable for sports medicine, pain management, and other outpatient or ambulatory surgery facilities also available now. Choose purchase, rental or lease arrangements to suit facility needs. We’ll be happy to let you know what all the options are, so you can make the most of your year-end budget.

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