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Continued Political Uncertainty Highlights Appeal of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Rental

As the year enters its final quarter, the uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act continues. As a result, many health care systems are taking measures to maximize their financial stability. The desire to keep capital expenditures to a minimum must be balanced against the obligation to provide patient care in a timely, efficient manner.  To do this, a facility needs to maintain the optimum amount of diagnostic imaging equipment by the most cost-effective means.


C-Arm and Mini C-Arm: Rental and purchase options are available – For purposes of this blog, I would accentuate renting over purchasing as it relates to this blog


One-way health care systems effectively maximize their capital budgets is by choosing refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. Choosing refurbished c-arms and mini c-arms saves facilities thousands of dollars compared to new OEM prices. Refurbished medical diagnostic equipment is available to rent or purchase.


When Renting Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment Makes Sense


There are a number of instances when renting refurbished medical imaging equipment makes sense. The following are just a few:

  • In uncertain fiscal times, a facility may be reluctant to use its capital budget or is limited in its capital resources. However, if said facility urgently needs an additional system to accommodate its patients, it can rent diagnostic imaging equipment by using its operating expenses.
  • Also, in times of budgetary uncertainty: When the amount or timing of reimbursements is in question, committing to a rental agreement for refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment can be a more prudent move than purchasing a system outright.
  • To facilitate a trial run prior to purchase: When assessing the suitability of a particular model of medical diagnostic imaging equipment prior to purchase, renting makes sense.

Have Questions About Renting Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment?


Bluestone Diagnostics provides healthcare systems with the finest in refurbished medical diagnostic imaging equipment, including c-arms and mini c-arms. Units are available for purchase, lease, or rent. To find out which option makes sense for your facility, we invite you to give us a call.

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