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Reliable Service & Stellar Ethics Matter Most When Choosing Refurbished Imaging Equipment

Highlights from 24X7 Imaging Article Featuring Matthew Blaustein

There are many factors for hospital and health care systems decision makers to consider when sourcing a C-arm for their facility. In addition to the unit’s specifications and compliance with extant radiation safety programs, budgetary considerations matter. In an article examining the merits of choosing new or refurbished C-arms, 24X7 Imaging magazine quoted Bluestone Diagnostics president Matthew Blaustein. Here are key points for your consideration:

Reseller Reputation is of Paramount Concern

It is prudent for a potential buyer of refurbished medical imaging equipment to research the reseller before committing to a purchase. “Service is key,” Blaustein says. “When I say service, I mean when they say they’re going to do something, they execute on what they say. They’re responsive in delivering the quotation or proposal, and they’re responsive if they get the order to deliver exactly what they say they’re going to do.”

Blaustein recommends getting as many customer references as possible, preferably from customers who have purchased the type of C-arm or other medical imaging equipment you’re in the market for. In addition to confirming the seller delivered what the unit they said they would, you want to know how the reseller performed when service was needed. “Also, have the reference indicate how well the reseller serviced the product—and, among other things, how responsive said reseller was in providing service for the system in an emergency (if that is possible).”

Life is Better with Backups

As a best practice, Blaustein recommends health care systems choosing refurbished c-arms have a backup unit available or work with a reseller who can provide a rental unit or repair services on an as-needed basis. Ideally, the reseller would have parts on hand or be able to get those parts, and of course, access to a trained engineer that knows how to repair the system in a pinch.

Don’t Forget Preventative Maintenance

To extend the useful life of refurbished C-arms and other medical diagnostic imaging equipment, Blaustein recommends that comprehensive preventive maintenance be performed on C-arms at least twice a year. During the preventative maintenance, HTM professionals should examine the wheel locks, brakes, steering, control panels, electronics, collimator, lights, keyboards, and batteries, he advises. “The preventative maintenance ensures proper operation, continuously,” Blaustein says.

Flat Panel Monitors Are Increasing Available via Resellers

When advances in imaging technology are initially introduced, they’re available exclusively from OEMs. However, with time, these units become available through resellers. This has been the case with C-arms equipped with flat panel monitors, which Blaustein says are now “the trend on the refurbished market.”

To Learn More

If you’re considering securing a refurbished C-arm for your healthcare facility and would like to learn more about the merits of choosing refurbished medical imaging equipment, click here to read the entire 24X7 Imaging article. For more specific questions, please feel free to use the contact form on this page.

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