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more paracentesis & thoracentesis procedures being performed by radiologists

More Paracentesis & Thoracentesis Procedures Being Performed by Radiologists

Radiology Business recently reported that more and more paracentesis and thoracentesis procedures are being performed by radiologists, rather than by non-radiologist physicians. Patients requiring paracentesis – the draining of fluid from a cavity, generally in the abdomen area – or thoracentesis, which involves draining fluid or air from between the lung and chest wall – are, with the exception of emergency situations, scheduling these diagnostic procedures at a time that’s convenient to them, often at imaging centers they’ve been referred to. The rate of paracentesis performed by radiologists has increased by 10%; for thoracentesis, the increase was 19%.

As patient satisfaction scores have a direct impact on compensation rates, particularly for Medicare patients, it’s important for imaging centers and radiology practices to minimize patient wait times as much as possible. This requires having the right staff, and the appropriate imaging equipment on hand to perform image-guided procedures, such as portable ultrasound machines and CT scanners.

2020 Cost Saving Strategy: How to Save Money on Equipment for Image Guided Procedures

Paracentesis and thoracentesis are only two of the many image guided procedures available to today’s patients. Perhaps the hardest-working piece of diagnostic imaging equipment in any hospital, outpatient treatment facility or ambulatory surgery center is the c-arm. The OEC 9900 and OEC 9800 mobile c-arms are the favorite of many radiologists, non-radiologist physicians, clinicians and techs because their outstanding image quality, reliability and versatility are unparalleled in the industry.  Also, both the OEC 9800 and OEC 9900 C-Arms are capable of operating for longer periods of time, which can be a vital consideration when procedures take longer than anticipated.

Sourcing OEC 9900 and OEC 9800 c-arms directly from the manufacturer is a significant financial investment for the outpatient clinic, radiology practice, or hospital. Choosing a refurbished C-arm from a reliable used diagnostic imaging vendor can result in savings of up to 40%.

As a further advantage, the best refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment vendor offers flexible financing options. Purchase, lease, or rent the mobile c-arm you need on terms that make sense for your patients, practice, and budget.

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