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How to Save Money on Diagnostic Imaging Equipment for Neurovascular and Cardiac Procedures

How to Save Money on Diagnostic Imaging Equipment for Neurovascular and Cardiac Procedures

The demand for stroke care continues to increase across the nation, particularly in those regions with a large aging population. To provide stroke patients with less invasive treatment options, physicians and clinicians need access to the best high-quality imaging equipment.

The OEC 9900 Elite for Neurovascular & Cardiac Care: What You Need to Know

For procedures such as angioplasty, stenting, embolization, and thrombectomy, the treatment team needs the best images possible as quickly as possible. The OEC 9900 uses advanced image processing that is faster than alternative technologies and applies specific processing algorithms or different “bandwidths” to accentuate what you want to see and attenuate what you don’t.

Because the OEC 9900 Elite has Motion Toleration Subtraction technology (sometimes called the ‘no mask’ feature), it is possible to complete extremity run-off with a single injection and single run. This is welcome news to patients who like to get all necessary testing done quickly.

Another very useful feature of the OEC 9900 Elite is unique X-ray tube and cooling system. This was designed to allow for longer periods of full-resolution imaging, which can be vitally necessary during cardiac and neurovascular procedures.

Save Money by Choosing Refurbished OEC 9900 Elite C-Arms

The OEC 9900 Elite is a superior piece of medical diagnostic imaging equipment, and if you source it directly from the manufacturer, you’re going to pay top dollar. If you’d like to save money while still enjoying the same top-quality performance, superior image quality, and long run time, choose a refurbished OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm from Bluestone Diagnostics.

Bluestone Diagnostics deals exclusively in fully refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. All units are thoroughly inspected, restored to manufacturer’s specifications, tested, calibrated, and are ready to start scanning upon installation. You can save up to 40% compared to original manufacturer pricing. Comprehensive service and support available. To find out more, including pricing on currently available units, click here.

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