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Thinking About Buying A Refurbished Portable Ultrasound? Read This First!

The portable ultrasound is an absolutely indispensable piece of equipment for many medical specialties. Used with cardiac, pain management, OB/GYN, and many other types of patients, the ultrasound is used to quickly and reliably reveal what’s causing patient concerns. Physicians and clinicians also use ultrasound imagery to guide some treatments. Whatever the case may be in your healthcare facility, it’s vital that the ultrasound you use reliably produce high-quality images.

Understanding the Refurbished Portable Ultrasound Marketplace

Because portable ultrasounds are so ubiquitous, there are many used units available. Some health care facilities and providers sell the ultrasound equipment they no longer want themselves. Buying a used ultrasound machine directly from another health care provider is not unlike buying a used car from someone in your neighborhood. It’s possible to get a great deal – but you have no guarantees, and if something goes wrong, or you need service and support, you’re going to be on your own.

A more secure option, that better protects your interests, is to source your refurbished portable ultrasound from a proven reliable refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment dealer. Every facility has a budget, and choosing this route can save you a significant amount of money compared to sourcing new equipment from the manufacturer.

Not all refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment dealers are the same. Bluestone Diagnostics is unique in that we thoroughly inspect every piece of equipment we sell, and have it fully refurbished to OEM specifications. All hardware and software components are put through extensive diagnostic testing, with special attention paid to the transducers.  Once the functionality of the unit is assured, any cosmetic issues are addressed. A final round of testing is performed; the ultrasound is calibrated and delivered to your facility ready to start scanning patients right away.

Choose Flexible Financing to Maximize Your Budget

The primary reason health care facilities choose refurbished ultrasounds is to save money. Maximize your savings by working with a refurbished diagnostic imaging dealer who offers a variety of flexible financing options. When you choose Bluestone Diagnostics, you can rent, lease, or buy your refurbished ultrasound – whatever makes the most sense for your budget!

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