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Starting Strong: 3 Ways to Maximize Your Equipment Budget During the First Quarter

With the new year now underway, healthcare administrators are still faced with the daunting task of managing the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. There is no denying that this crisis will continue to present challenges that outweigh other issues facilities will be facing. As distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine slowly ramps up and healthcare initiatives receive renewed focus, facilities may get the opportunity to refocus their attention on maintaining high quality patient care and other concerns that may not have been addressed during the past year.

Healthcare industry analysts are reporting that equipment budgets have experienced a reduction nationwide, forcing administrators to do more with less. In the current environment, it is essential to derive maximum value from your budget. Here are 3 strategies to maximize your equipment budget:

Address Current & Future Patient Needs

All equipment procurement decisions must address current and future patient needs. Work with your clinicians to determine the types of diagnostic equipment most essential to maintaining acceptable workflows. Is existing equipment truly performing as needed, or is it in need of repair or outdated? Would upgrading allow clinicians to see more patients faster, increasing practice revenue growth and patient satisfaction? Performing this assessment at the beginning of the calendar year allows the practice to act proactively, and positions practice administrators to take full advantage of savings opportunities as they become available.

Find a Vendor Who Understands Logistics

The cost of procuring new diagnostic imaging equipment includes far more than the price of the unit. There are delivery, storage, installation, and training costs to take into account, as well as the financial impact of any downtime your practice experiences as the equipment is brought into service. A knowledgeable vendor who understands your practice’s unique needs can work with you to minimize or even eliminate these costs. When working with current or prospective vendors, ask about logistical support, as well as the availability of service and repair professionals should it be needed.

Choose Refurbished Medical Equipment as a Cost-Containment Strategy

Refurbished medical diagnostic imaging equipment costs up to 40% less than new equipment sourced directly from manufacturers while delivering the same level of performance and reliability. In addition to these significant savings, refurbished medical equipment can be purchased, rented or leased – choose the option that makes the most sense for your organization.  During these uncertain economic times, renting diagnostic imaging equipment may be the prudent way to go due to the flexibility it offers.  Among other advantages, renting equipment allows your facility to pay for a system for only as long as you need it and offers you the ability to pay for that equipment through operating expenses instead of capital outlays.

Bluestone Diagnostics, Inc. has over twenty years of experience in selling and renting refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment, including mobile c-arms and mini c-arms. That experience includes a hands-on, consultative approach that will enable you to evaluate your equipment needs so you can make an informed decision. Contact us at (877) 904-1904 so we can help you determine your best options.

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