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create cash flow happiness by renting refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment

Create Cash Flow Happiness by Renting Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Cash flow is always important, but it’s during times of uncertainty that the prudent organization makes liquidity a top priority. With an election year on the horizon and complex events unfolding daily, it’s a good time to review how renting refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment can help you maximize your budget and enjoy the highest degree of financial flexibility.

Why Choosing Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Makes Sense.

Patient demand for imaging services in both the ED and outpatient setting continues to grow steadily nationwide. Meeting this demand can be challenging, especially for smaller hospital systems and ambulatory surgery centers. One expensive line item can be diagnostic imaging equipment – a new C-Arm, direct from the manufacturer, can easily cost $150,000+. That’s a lot of money – especially when you consider that the exact same equipment, fully refurbished to OEM specifications, can be sourced for up to 40% less.

How Renting Allows for Maximum Financial Flexibility

What we’ve learned with our vast experience serving the diagnostic imaging community is that the organizations who make it through the hard times in the best shape are the ones that prioritize keeping cash flow healthy. Being able to be responsive to changes is a competitive advantage – an important consideration if you’re located in a community where patients have multiple treatment options.

Renting diagnostic imaging equipment means you only have to pay for equipment you currently need to meet patient needs. Changing economic circumstances can cause fluctuations in patient demand – some facilities will lose patients, while others, in communities experiencing population surges as job seekers arrive, will need to serve more. Rental allows you to scale up or down quickly, and frees you from having to pay lease or purchasing costs on equipment you don’t need. This is ideal when you want to maintain healthy cash flow.

It’s important to understand that short-term rentals of diagnostic imaging equipment are generally not available from the manufacturer. If you’re interested in a term of less than 36 months, working with a refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment vendor who offers rental options is your only viable path forward.

Choosing refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment can save you up to 40%.

Choosing refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment is the budget-friendly way to equip your hospital, surgery center, outpatient clinic or health care facility. Whether you’re searching for a C-Arm, Mini C-Arm, portable X-ray machine, or ultrasound, you’ll want to choose a reliable vendor with a proven track record of providing the best equipment at reasonable prices with full service and support.

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