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An Aging Population Falls More Often, Increasing Demand for Speedy X-Rays

The aging Baby Boomer population is starting to discover one of the most unpleasant aspects of getting older: when you fall down, you don’t bounce back the way you used to when you were younger. Hips crack, knees give out, wrists and ankles are sprained or worse – all from falls that would have gone unnoticed a decade or so earlier.

The New York Times recently did a great story on this, including a feature that shows readers how a set of stairs looks to people with different types of visual impairments. While it’s important to understand why seniors are falling, it’s more important, from our perspective, to understand what happens after they fall.

These patients, unfortunately, often live alone and may spend an extended period of time in pain before their circumstances are discovered and they’re brought in for treatment. Many seniors strongly associate the occasion of a fall with the potential loss of independence; a terrifying prospect that will make them more anxious and irritable than they might ordinarily be.

A quick, accurate diagnosis of whatever injuries the patient may have suffered is an essential step. However, if your facility doesn’t have an adequate number of portable x-ray units, your patients may have to wait hours – even days! – to have their injuries properly assessed. The entire time the patient is waiting, they’re growing more and more upset. If they also have to wait for x-ray results before they can experience any pain management, the situation goes from bad to even worse.

Equipping your practice with the optimum level of portable x-ray machines doesn’t have to break the bank. Choose a fully refurbished GE AMX-IV for a fraction of the price a new unit will cost. These proven reliable performers are a favorite of clinicians from coast to coast, with superior image quality and ease of use. Eliminate lengthy patient waits and keep your senior patients as happy as possible by choosing a refurbished portable x-ray machine.

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