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Considering a GE-OEC 9800 Super C Arm for Your Pain Management Practice? Read This First!

Pain management is one of the fastest growing areas of practice for many health care systems and facilities. With that in mind, you want to be sure you provide your physicians and clinicians with the best possible diagnostic imaging equipment to support their diagnostic and treatment efforts.

If you’re considering acquiring a GE-OEC 9800 Super C Arm, you’ll want to read this article in Pain Physician Journal. In this piece, Dr. Joseph Jasper and Dr. Ron Lieberman, both pain management specialists, put the GE-OEC 9800 Super ‘C’ C arm through its paces in their practice, testing its capabilities. They found that the GE-OEC Super ‘C’ C-Arms Fluoroscopy technology had several benefits to the interventional pain physician, particularly where the placement of spinal needle placement is involved.

Drs. Jasper and Lieberman tested the GE-OEC 9800 Super C on several common areas addressed by pain management physicians, including the cervical discs, lumbar discogram, costo-vertebral joint, the sacroiliac joint, and the atlanto occipital and atlantoaxial joints. Throughout these tests, the doctors found the exceptional high image quality, particularly the smoothness of the image stream, to be highly valuable.

In the years that have passed since this study was done, the experience of the pain management discipline has only reinforced Dr. Jasper and Dr. Lieberman’s initial impression. The GO-OEC 9800 Super C neatly bridges the gap between fluoroscopy and CT technology, giving clinicians the best of both worlds.

Compared to other GE OEC C arms, the 9800 Super C is a relatively rare model. Not as many of these machines were produced, and they rarely come on the market. Choosing a refurbished Super C is often the most cost-effective option, but you don’t want to buy a refurbished Super C arm from just anyone. There are plenty of vendors out there who do what’s called a spray & pray – a fresh coat of paint that makes a machine look great without actually ensuring it can function as you need it. At Bluestone Diagnostics, you can rest assured that all of the diagnostic imaging equipment we sell is fully refurbished to the highest possible standard.

Choose a vendor who has a proven reputation for excellent service and support – someone who is proud to stand behind what they sell. If you choose Bluestone Diagnostics, that’s what you’ll find. Give us a call to find out more!

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