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Matthew Blaustein, Bluestone Diagnostics CEO, Featured in Dotmed.Com

The cost savings associated with choosing refurbished C-arms will make such acquisitions attractive to facilities facing procurement budget challenges. That’s the main takeaway in More Bang for Your Buck: C-Arm, an article written by Lisa Chamoff, which appears in the March 2015 issue of

Bluestone Diagnostics founder and CEO Matthew Blaustein is quoted extensively in the article, including stating that, “The used market is pretty robust,” with a warning to buyers to only acquire c-arms from resellers that among many other tasks, closely and carefully inspect the glassware, which include the image intensifier and X-ray tube, as these are critical components of the system. Defects or any damage in these components can create a problematic viewing experience for physicians and clinicians.

In the article, Mr. Blaustein also states that buyers should make sure that the reseller from whom they acquire a c-arm carefully scrutinizes all cables and replaces any cable, especially the HV or high voltage cable, which is damaged in any way. A damaged high voltage cable would require an expensive replacement.

In his final comments, Mr. Blaustein points out the importance of customers having a strong service agreement in place for any refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. Furthermore, buyers of refurbished diagnostic equipment must remain vigilant that the parameters of said service agreement are fulfilled.

This product-specific expertise, coupled with the significant cost savings associated with choosing refurbished C-arms, are reasons Bluestone Diagnostics is a leading provider of c-arms and other refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, pain management clinics, and other health care facilities. You can learn more about Bluestone Diagnostic’s C-arms here.

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