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Need A C-Arm But Don’t Know How You’re Going to Make The Numbers Work? Discover Our Flexible Financing Program

If there’s one thing health care systems administrators know for sure, it’s that every year, they’re asked to accomplish more and more with less and less financial resources. Budgets are really tight out there. It’s harsh, from coast to coast.

But the thing is, patient demand for diagnostic imaging hasn’t gone down at all. It’s gone up! More patients are in search of pain management services than ever before. Sports injury rates have gone through the roof. Your facility is tasked with treating all of these patients in a timely fashion – and that’s timely as defined by your patients, as it’s their satisfaction scores impacting your reimbursement rate!

Keeping everybody happy means finding that certain optimal level of diagnostic capacity that’s right for your facility. This means ensuring that you have enough C-Arms, for example, to ensure that everyone’s seen within your organizational parameters. If you’re not at that optimal level, you need to invest in additional diagnostic equipment – in this case, C-Arms.

That’s the easy part of the equation. The tough bit comes in when you try to figure out how you’re going to pay for it all. I’d really like to talk to you about what your imaging equipment financing options are here. Do you need to spread your payments over 5 years? We can make that happen. There are many different types of lease arrangements available. We also offer short-term rental imaging equipment agreements – and, if during the term of the rental, you decide you want to purchase the C-Arm, we’ll even allow you to accrue rental credits toward your final purchase price!

We’ll help you figure out how you’re going to do more with less. There’s no compromising on quality here – all of the C-Arms we sell are fully refurbished, from top manufacturers, capable of exceptionally high image quality, instantly – but we understand that you’re on a budget. Working together, we can find a way that gives your facility the C-arms it needs at a price you can really afford. Give us a call to get started.

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