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Enjoy Great Pricing on Mammography Machines to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

“Think pink!” headlines are everywhere you look, as our nation embarks on its annual consciousness-raising ritual. The focus is clearly on Breast Cancer, from the NFL players’ pink shoes and towels to a controversial (but inarguably pink!) fracking drill head.

It’s a great time for practice administrators and imaging center teams to highlight the critical work they do. As we all know, early detection saves lives. To make early detection possible, you need the right medical diagnostic imaging equipment, and that means mammography machines.

Increased awareness leads directly to more women (and men!) seeking out breast cancer screening services. This is a good thing, but if you don’t have the diagnostic imaging capacity to serve all of your patients in a timely fashion, problems crop up. Patients who are told they’ll have to wait weeks, even months, before being screened are patients who don’t get screened. That can result in cancers progressing undetected – sometimes past the point where treatment is viable. Having sufficient diagnostic capacity in your facility is a critical component of saving lives.

Bluestone Diagnostics is your source for affordable, reliable fully refurbished digital mammography machines. Choose from the GE 200E Senograph, or the Hologic Selenia. Great pricing is available now on these models. Our flexible financing makes it easy to boost your facility’s testing capacity – keeping patients from long, problematic waits! Rent, lease, or purchase arrangements are all available. We’ll be happy to talk to you about what all the options are – here’s how you get in touch.

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