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Reason #2 – ALL Set-Up and Maintenance Costs are Included in a Rental Agreement

Reason #2 – ALL Set-Up and Maintenance Costs are Included in a Rental Agreement

The costs of installation and service are often the responsibility of the buyer when purchasing a c-arm from a reputable reseller.  However, when renting a c-arm from a third party, the costs of installation and ongoing service should be covered by the supplier.  This represents tremendous savings for the renter.  Many medical facilities already manage… Continue Reading »

Reason #1 – Why Renting a C-Arm is an Excellent Solution with the Possibility of an Economic Downturn on the Horizon

There is a bit of uncertainty in the economy right now, with talk of a possible recession occurring in the not-too-distant future. If you wish to continue current projects or grow your facility during this time, renting, instead of purchasing that system outright, could enable you to pursue such options. Healthcare facilities typically have complex… Continue Reading »

Are High Interest Rates and Inflation Cutting Into Your Facility’s Bottom Line? Renting is a Great Solution!

Renting a C-Arm during times of high-interest rates and rising prices offers many advantages over purchasing. Here is a rundown of just a few of those advantages: 1. Smaller Down Payment and Flexible Terms When you rent a c-arm, you pay in small installments and do not have to concern yourself with a large down… Continue Reading »

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