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Demand for Revascularization Procedures Continues to Grow; Here’s How to Gear Up Affordably

Demand for Revascularization Procedures Continues to Grow; Here’s How to Gear Up Affordably

Coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in this country. Despite widespread public education campaigns about healthier lifestyle choices, a little more than 735,000 people had a heart attack last year. That number is expected to increase this year, which will increase demand for subsequent treatment procedures, including bypass surgery and coronary balloon angioplasty – the most common revascularization procedures.

For hospitals, health care systems, and outpatient surgery centers, having the right equipment in place to perform image guided revascularization procedures can be a major expense. It is absolutely possible to have the precise, powerful imaging capacity and reliable performance your physicians, clinicians and techs need while saving money. The secret is choosing refurbished.

Let’s look at the OEC 9900 Elite as an example. This C-arm is the workhorse of the OR, familiar to vascular surgeons everywhere, with a performance profile that rivals fixed room models. Motion Tolerant Subtraction enables complete extremity runoff with one injection in one run, full-resolution imaging for longer periods of time and optimum penetration of dense anatomy. The Smart View Pivot feature is very helpful when exotic accesses that combine anterograde and retrograde approaches are required for treatment.

Sourced directly from the manufacturer, the OEC 9900 Elite is a very expensive piece of equipment. It’s worth every penny, no doubt – but the fact that you can obtain the exact same unit, refurbished to OEM specifications, calibrated, tested, and ready to start scanning upon installation for up to 40% less might be interesting news.

Flexible financing options, which allow facilities to rent, lease or purchase equipment, means you can gear up to meet increased patient demand affordably and quickly. Bluestone Diagnostics is known for the superior level of support and service we provide our clients on an on-going basis. Let us put our 9+ years of industry experience to work for you.

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