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What’s the Most Cost-effective Way to Boost Your Pain Clinic’s Imaging Capacity?

What’s the Most Cost-effective Way to Boost Your Pain Clinic’s Imaging Capacity?

For pain management providers, having access to superior clinical images quickly is essential. Medical imaging equipment like C-Arms – the OEC 9900 Elite is one of the most popular models – are used to investigate and diagnose the cause of the patient’s complaint as well as in the course of some treatment modalities, such as joint injections and nerve blocks.

How Much Imaging Capacity Does A Pain Clinic Need?

The patient experience is critically important to the success of ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient treatment centers, and pain clinics. Key to a positive patient experience is quick relief of their pain. To make this happen, patients need to be able to receive diagnostic testing with minimal wait times, in a convenient location. Having a c-arm on site is the obvious solution for many facilities; when patient demand merits, sourcing multiple c-arms at reasonable prices makes sense.

Another factor to determine how many c-arms you need in your pain clinic is the number and type of image-guided interventional pain management procedures your surgeons, physicians, and clinicians perform. To minimize wait times, having a sufficient number of c-arms available to allow your practice to operate at full capacity makes sense.

The most cost-effective way to source the proper number of c-arms for your pain clinic is to choose refurbished equipment. Top models, including the OEC 9900 Elite, the only ‘instant image’ fluoroscope on the market, are available at a significant cost savings – in many instances, up to 40% less than what you’d pay when sourcing the same exact equipment new from the manufacturer.

When considering refurbished c-arms, it’s important to work with a vendor who truly refurbishes their equipment, testing and calibrating critical systems so your c-arm arrives ready to scan upon installation. Service and support are also very important. Bluestone Diagnostics has been serving the health care industry with the best in refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment for decades. We’re here to help you build your pain management practice affordably.

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