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Essential Tips for Buying Pre-Owned Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

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Recently, I came across a blog post from IAMERS on some of the most important things you need to know when buying or selling pre-owned imaging equipment. The post was incredibly well done – helpful, informative & detailed – it reminded me, once again, why I’m proud to be an IAMERS member!

The article touched on several important points, a few of which I think are so vital that I want to expand on them.

First, IAMERS recommends that when buying pre-owned imaging equipment, it’s essential to verify that the individual in charge of the inspection is well qualified to do so. This individual must be completely familiar with the specific piece of equipment as well as how it works and all the parts that come with it.

As a rule of thumb stemming from my own experience as a diagnostic imaging equipment dealer, I highly recommend that you use the aid of a detailed checklist during the inspection of the equipment to make sure all your bases are covered. Working with a qualified individual, follow the checklist strictly.

For example, my inspection checklist for systems such as an OEC 6800 MiniView mini c-arm or OEC 9800 C-Arm includes the following items:

  • Collect serial number information, date of manufacture and precise model number from all the OEC 6800 or OEC 9800 components
  • Record system meter reading
  • Make sure all system cables are in good condition and not cracking
  • Ensure system is functioning properly (in relation to the OEC 6800 or OEC 9800, this includes making sure it boots up like it’s supposed to, shoots clear pictures, image intensifier – make sure there are no artifacts – and x-ray tube are working properly, monitors are operating as they should, etc.)
  • Make sure the system comes with all the necessary parts and components
  • Take a photo of the system – possibly multiple photos of the system (and of the various components)

These are just a few of the checklist items that I think are essential when inspecting a piece of pre-owned diagnostic imaging equipment prior to the final purchase.

Another key point the article mentions is the importance of dealing with an IAMERS member. There is one essential reason for this: trust. If you’re buying from an IAMERS member, they are required to abide by a written agreement. Likewise, if you’re selling diagnostic imaging equipment to an IAMERS member, the same rule applies. This serves as insurance for you that you’re conducting business with a trustworthy organization. While there are many, many sellers out there, only those with the best reputations and most experience qualify for an IAMERS membership.

At Bluestone Diagnostics, we’re a proud member of IAMERS and we pride ourselves on professionalism, integrity and experience. If you’re looking to purchase or sell pre-owned diagnostic imaging equipment, we’d love to assist you! Contact us today to see how we can work with you.

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