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Setting Equipment Acquisition Goals For 2013

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January brings us the beginning of a new year. For many practice managers, this is the time to set goals and objectives for the year to come. As your facility moves forward into 2013, what steps can you take to help your team provide better patient care, contain costs, and increase overall practice profitability?

Let’s answer that question in terms of equipment acquisition. Choosing the right diagnostic imaging equipment for your practice can help your clinical staff assess patient conditions more quickly and accurately. This contributes directly to better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction scores – important considerations when reimbursement rates are being increasingly tied to how pleased your patients are with their treatment!

Who determines what the best diagnostic imaging equipment is for your practice? Your clinical team may be full of helpful suggestions, but there is often a significant disconnect between what clinical staff wants and what the budget will realistically allow.

That being said, clinical staff input is very important. Their insights on patient load, the types of conditions they’re seeing most often, and where their current diagnostic imaging equipment just isn’t sufficient are all valuable information you need as you move forward.

Armed with this information, you can focus on getting the most value for your equipment dollar, with the goal of satisfying as many of your clinical team’s identified equipment needs as possible. This strategy maximizes the value of your equipment investment while simultaneously focusing on providing your clinical staff with the tools they need. Having access to sufficient equipment is consistently indicated as a top concern by physicians and clinicians. If employee retention is an issue, this is one area where you can make a meaningful difference.

Choosing diagnostic imaging equipment that can be shared by several departments is one way to control costs. Opting for used diagnostic imaging equipment, rather than new, is another effective cost containment strategy. Contact us to learn more. We’ll help you make 2013 your practice’s best year ever!

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