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25% of OR Errors Attributable To Equipment Issues: What Can Be Done?

If there’s one thing you never want to hear as a practice administrator, it’s “We’ve had a problem in the OR.” Those words can be just the beginning of a nightmare, complete with negative patient outcomes, litigation, and horrible PR for your facility. The drive to identify and eliminate the causes of OR errors benefits everyone.

37% of OR Errors Caused By Inability to Access Needed Equipment

Outpatient Surgery reports that nearly 1 in every 4 OR errors are caused by a problem with equipment. These are preventable, avoidable errors! The largest cause of equipment-related errors is one of simple access: when physicians and clinicians don’t have access to the OR equipment they need, mistakes happen.

The Role of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment in the OR

Medical diagnostic imaging equipment plays a critical role in the OR. In many cases, physicians and surgeons rely upon the information provided by diagnostic imaging equipment to guide them through complex procedures. High-quality c-arms, mini c-arms, portable x-rays and ultrasound machines are essential elements of your practice’s diagnostic capacity.

Your clinical team cannot use medical diagnostic imaging equipment you don’t have. Equipping your practice to provide the right level of access to medical diagnostic imaging equipment can significantly reduce the number of access-related OR errors. However, medical diagnostic imaging equipment is very expensive.

Refurbished Medical Diagnostic Imaging Equipment: Build Diagnostic Capacity Without Breaking Your Budget

Bluestone Diagnostics is your source for dependable, fully refurbished medical diagnostic imaging equipment. Top quality models that we carry such as the GE 9800 c-arm and GE OEC 6800 mini c-arm are completely restored to manufacturer’s specifications, with all consumable elements restored to like-new condition. This is important since in nearly one-third of the OR accidents, the fact equipment wasn’t working properly was a contributing factor. Our refurbished medical diagnostic imaging equipment works reliably and dependably. This is performance you can count on – for significantly less than new equipment.

If you’re ready to reduce the risk of accidents in your OR and you need to learn more about choosing refurbished medical diagnostic imaging equipment, contact us today. We’re here to help make your practice stronger and safer!

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