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Busy Sports Injury Season & Mini C-Arms

Americans are becoming more active, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation reported in June. This is good news for health care providers, as an active lifestyle has been shown to have a positive impact on heart disease, diabetes, and many of the other chronic conditions that are currently overwhelming our health care system.

Unfortunately there does appear to be a clear relationship between increased activity and a rise in the number of sports-related injuries. A few of the most common sports injuries are plantar fasciitis, ankle sprain, and ACL strain.

Mini C-Arms: Their Role in Sports Injury Treatment

Many sports injuries occur in the body’s extremities and are particularly vulnerable: ankles and wrists, in particular.

Diagnosing the cause of pain in the extremities requires the use of a high quality medical diagnostic imaging equipment. Models of the Mini C-Arm, such as the GE OEC 6800, are ideal for many of these applications, as they rapidly and reliably provide high resolution images physicians and clinicians can use to understand the cause of patient pain.

Refurbished Mini C-Arms: Cost-Effective Option To Equip The Sports Injury Practice

Whether your practice specializes in Sports Medicine or is all-encompassing, you’re likely already experiencing greater numbers of patients with extremity pain complaints. This will increase the demands placed on your practice’s diagnostic imaging equipment. To meet this demand, you may need to acquire a Mini C-Arm.

By every meaningful metric, refurbished Mini C-arms are identical to new Mini C-Arms. Refurbished Mini C-Arms deliver the same rapid, reliable performance, producing high resolution images your clinical staff can depend on. However, refurbished Mini C-arms cost several thousand dollars less than their brand-new counterparts – an important consideration when you’re trying to make the most out of your equipment budget.

Learn more about how choosing a top quality refurbished Mini C-Arm, such as the GE OEC 6800. Contact us today for information on all of the diagnostic imaging equipment we offer!

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