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Bluestone Diagnostics has fully refurbished OEC 9800’s in All Flavors for sale, lease or rent.

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Do you have a dire need for that dependable c-arm and have to spend the last remnants of your year-end budget? Well…………….Bluestone Documents can definitely help you!

Bluestone Diagnostics has every configuration of OEC 9800 c-arm available. Whether you need a system for pain management or orthopedics – Super ‘C’ or Standard ‘C’, Bluestone has you covered. If your facility requires full vascular functionality, we have an OEC 9800 that can meet your needs. Please remember that ALL SYSTEMS sold by Bluestone are fully refurbished and covered by a comprehensive service agreement including all glass. When you acquire a c-arm from Bluestone not only do you receive a quality system backed by superb service, you also get outstanding value. Our pricing is extremely competitive whether you are looking to outright purchase, lease or rent a system.

So what are you waiting for……………………………? Contact Bluestone Diagnostics at (914) 769-9000 TODAY so you don’t miss out on that year-end opportunity to save money on that OEC 9800 you have been clamoring for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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