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Bluestone Diagnostics Will Be Exhibiting at the Surgery Center Coalition’s Big Event on 10/4

We’re very excited to announce that Bluestone Diagnostics will be exhibiting at the Surgery Coalition Big Event in Somerset, NJ on Thursday, October 4th. Our mission is to spread the word about the tremendous savings enjoyed by surgery centers who choose refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment.

When you visit Bluestone Diagnostics booth, here’s what to expect:

The best deals on refurbished Mini C-Arms, C-Arms, ultrasound, and other diagnostic imaging equipment. You can save up to 40% while enjoying the same reliable performance on equipment from top manufacturers including GE/OEC, Siemens, Philips, OrthoScan, and Hologic.

A full suite of sourcing options. Ambulatory surgery centers can rent, lease or purchase refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment from Bluestone Diagnostics. We’ll work with you to identify the option that makes sense for your practice and your budget.

Win a $50 Gift Card!

Wouldn’t winning an extra $50 just make your day?  Here’s a sweet way to make it happen. Visit Bluestone Diagnostics booth. We’re giving away delicious Belgian Chocolate. Find a golden ticket & a $50 gift card is yours!

Schedule Your Meeting Now!

This Surgery Coalition Event is always busy, with lots going on. If you’re looking for affordable, reliable diagnostic imaging equipment for your surgery center, let’s connect. We’re booking appointments now – just let us know you’re interested.

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