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Compassionate Care for Chronic Pain Requires Easy Access Diagnostic Testing

Compassionate Care for Chronic Pain Requires Easy Access Diagnostic Testing

What’s the most frustrating thing about living with chronic pain? For the 50 million Americans who live with debilitating pain, the biggest challenge can be getting a health care provider to take their concerns seriously. This perception is based almost entirely on the patient experience: when an individual who is suffering has to go through a time-consuming process of seeing their primary care physician, obtaining a referral to a pain management specialist,  waiting for that appointment, finally getting to see the doctor, and then learning further diagnostic testing is required before they can start feeling better – it’s not surprising that they become frustrated, angry, and upset.

The patient experience is important because it’s increasingly tied to compensation rates. When patients endure repeated wait times on their route to relief, their satisfaction levels inevitably go down. Pain care practices have limited ability to impact the overall timeline, but they can take meaningful action to shorten the timeline to relief by making diagnostic imaging available within their facility.

Why Bringing Diagnostic Imaging In-House Makes Sense for the Pain Management Provider

The advantages of providing diagnostic testing within your facility are numerous. First and foremost, having diagnostic imaging done onsite offers physicians and clinicians more immediate access to results. Additionally, there’s a greater degree of quality control available when you have your own c-arm  – you’re not dependent on a third party provider to bring you high resolution images reliably. Many pain management clinics report bringing diagnostic testing in-house improves their workflow.

Then there are the benefits to the patients that come with having diagnostic imaging available within the pain management treatment setting. First and foremost, the need to schedule and visit another facility is eliminated. This is a huge plus, particularly for patients who have limited mobility and energy due to the underlying conditions causing their pain. It’s also a big deal for busy professionals, parents, and anyone else trying to fit medical care into an already full schedule.

Shorter Wait Times Lead to Higher Patient Satisfaction Scores

When a chronic pain patient is treated with dignity and compassion, they have a better treatment experience. One way to demonstrate compassion is to be mindful of the patient’s time and what’s involved in visiting a care provider. The patient who is suffering from lower back pain, aching joints, or other persistent discomfort doesn’t want to have to make repeated visits all over town just to find out what’s going on. Giving patients the opportunity to have all necessary testing done within your facility shows them you’re focused on what really matters – helping them feel better fast.

Best Pricing on Diagnostic Imaging Equipment for Pain Management Providers

For the independent pain management facility, keeping equipment costs under control is vital. Bluestone Diagnostics provides the best refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment available, including clinician favorite OEC 9800 and OEC 9900 c-arms at a significant savings compared to manufacturer pricing. All units are fully warrantied, with superior and responsive service. Flexible rental, finance and purchase options are available.

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