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chronic pain diagnostic imaging equipment

The Role of Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment in Managing Chronic Conditions in Seniors

Nearly 15% of the population can be classified as senior citizens – that’s roughly 47.8 million people, as of the last census. And of those 47.8 million people, 92% suffer from at least one chronic condition. Chronic conditions include illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer as well as damage caused by strokes or other heath event. In turn, these chronic conditions contribute to other patient problems, such as joint pain, neuropathy, and more.

Today’s senior patients include the Baby Boomers, who have a very definite set of expectations regarding their health care. We know these patients expect to be seen promptly and have their conditions aggressively managed with a focus on minimizing their pain. Most seniors prefer to receive their health care from conveniently located providers, close to home. To meet patient expectations, it makes sense to have the diagnostic imaging equipment needed to treat and manage chronic conditions conveniently available in their physicians’ office, health care clinic, or hospital.

Boost Testing & Treatment Capacity Affordably By Choosing Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

The c-arms and mini c-arms used to identify the cause of patient complaints and guide treatment efforts such as injection therapies and nerve stimulator placement are most cost-effective when sourced from a reliable vendor of refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. The cost savings can be up to 40% compared to obtaining the same equipment new from the manufacturer.

Be aware that it’s important to choose a vendor who offers fully refurbished c-arms and mini c-arms. These units will be restored to the original manufacturer’s specifications, with all components fully tested to ensure reliable performance. Look for flexible financing as well – the best diagnostic imaging equipment dealers will work with you to help you get the c-arm you need at a price you can afford.

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