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rent equipment like ge oec c arm table

Setting Up or Growing a Health Care Practice? Here’s why renting diagnostic imaging equipment makes sense.

There’s no doubt that establishing a health care practice can be very expensive. Launching a small ambulatory surgery center, for example – one that has just 2 surgical suites – averages $2 to $3 million. One of the major contributing factors to the costs of establishing any new health care facility is the need for diagnostic imaging equipment.

Diagnostic imaging equipment is used to determine what’s wrong with a patient, and can also play a central role in treating their condition. Used for surgical, orthopedic, neurovascular and emergency procedures, the c-arm is the work horse of many hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics. It’s practically the definition of “must have” equipment – but c-arms aren’t cheap, especially when you source them directly from the manufacturer.

Many new or growing health care practices aren’t in a position where they want to commit a lot of their available cash to the purchase of a new c-arm. And there are times when your balance sheet demands not taking on a whole lot of debt – even if the financing terms are attractive.

What’s the alternative?

Renting diagnostic imaging equipment is a way to ensure your physicians, clinicians and techs have the equipment they need to do their jobs properly while keeping cash supplies healthy and avoiding debt. Additionally, renting c-arms is a smart way to scale up your in-facility testing capacity should patient demand increase. Many system administrators also find it a wise idea to have their clinical staff try out particular modalities before committing to a purchase or long-term lease. Renting makes this possible.

It’s important to understand that manufacturers may not have the ability to rent c-arms. Instead, choose a c-arm rental company that specializes in providing you with proven, reliable equipment at reasonable rates. To learn more about how renting diagnostic imaging equipment will help you launch or grow your health care practice affordably, get in touch. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.

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