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Digital X-Rays Eliminate Work Flow Bottlenecks, Cranky Clinicians and Patient Complaints

What’s the biggest problem many radiology directors have? Work flow challenges generally top the list. Anything that slows down the diagnosis and treatment of patients, including outdated diagnostic imaging equipment, is obviously an issue. Patients experience elevated levels of anxiety, fear, and stress while they’re waiting for test results; physicians and clinicians become impatient at anything that keeps them from providing care as efficiently as possible.

Waiting a long time for test results is a top patient complaint!

The medical diagnostic imaging equipment you have available is one of the primary factors determining how efficient your practice is. Let’s look at portable x-ray machines for example. As wonderful as the AMX-4 is –and no one can argue with the proven reliable performance this unit delivers – the fact remains that its analog technology slows things down.

After x-rays are taken, there’s an unavoidable waiting period during which the images are processed and returned to the clinician. Depending on your facility’s operational parameters and current patient demand, this turnaround could take several minutes – but it can also take hours or even days. Sharing and storing images is also a time consuming process.

Faster x-rays = happier patients!

Digital x-ray technology delivers extremely high resolution images instantly. This means no waiting. Physicians and clinicians have immediate access to the information they need to facilitate treatment; patients will no longer spend lengthy periods of time wondering exactly what’s going on and growing more anxious by the moment. For the radiology department that is striving to be a center of excellence, digital x-rays are the gold standard.

DR Retrofit saves your practice thousands of dollars!

The most cost effective way to upgrade your portable x-ray machines to digital is with our innovative DR Retrofit program. By adding a digital panel to your existing AMX-4 units, you gain the digital medical imaging capacity you want – the speed you need! – while retaining the unit’s proven reliability.

The DR Retrofit is affordable and fast. It’s the simplest way to make your radiology department significantly more efficient. Faster image processing means your facility can serve more patients every single day – and increased patient volume leads to increased revenues. As the nation’s leading retailer of refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment, we’d be happy to go over your options with you. Give us a call!

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